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Our pumps are run at less than the manufacturer's full recommended RPM.

Because pump efficiency decreases as pressure increases, RK Compressors are set for a maximum pressure of 150 psi instead of 175 psi. The result is an air compressor that is quiet and runs cooler. Cooler temperatures result in longer pump life.

We can help you determine the maximum air output (Cubic Feet per Minute - CFM) you require. So whatever tools you use, including air ratchets, impact wrenches or a paint gun, you'll always have an adequate, reliable source of compressed air, thanks to RK Compressors.

Fast Moving Replacement Parts

This Fast Moving Replacement Parts Guide is a listing of our fastest moving parts for compressors we suggest you keep in inventory. These are basic maintenance items. This information is provided in reference only. To obtain precise part number(s), you will need the model number of the RK compressor.


Single phase, 5HP electric motor; single stage pump; 100-125 psi operating pressure.

This air compressor model gets the job done right without spending a fortune.

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