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All air compressor are covered by a limited product warranty for the 1-year period following the original date of purchase. The warranty covers repair or replacement of any component manufactured or originally installed that is defective in material or factory workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. Electric motors and Honda engines will be supported by the regional distributor or the local authorized servicing dealer. The engines are covered by the manufacturer’s warranties, with separate terms and conditions. (Consult the engine owner's manual provided with the unit for more information.)

Two stage Industrial Compressors
IC-580 / 2 Cyl., 5HP
DF-7580 and DF-75120H / V-4 Cyl., 7.5HP
Single Stage Stationary Compressor
AC-560 / 3Cyl., 5HP
Gas Powered Industrial  Air Compressors
Gas Powered Semi-Industrial Air Compressors
AC-930H-G / 3 Cyl., 9HP
Replacement Compressors Pumps
AC-3065A / 3 Cylinders, Single Stage
ICM-5C / 2 Cylinders, Two Stages
ICM-10C / 4 Cylinders, Two Stages
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